Our clients call us to provide the information they need for a variety of reasons.  Listed below is a sample of projects we’ve performed over the past 15 years for business appraisers, forensic economists, attorneys, and management consultants.

Case Study #1

For a business valuation, our client needed a detailed analysis on the cabinet and countertop retailing industry in the Washington DC metro area.

Case Study #2

A lawsuit filed by more than 50 investors in three of John Doe’s venture capital funds claimed fraud. Doe misappropriated tens of millions of dollars. We researched possible links between John Doe and the members of the boards on which he served.

Case Study #3

For a partnership dispute, we researched the residential real estate industry in seven European countries.  We answered the following questions in our research: How are homes sold in each country?  Can a home owner list with more than one agent?  How many homes have sold in the past 7 years?  How many real estate franchises operate in each of the countries?

Case Study #4

In 2001, XYZ, Inc. spun-off its 85%-owned subsidiary, ABC Group, Inc. to its existing shareholders. The objective of this research assignment was to search for and identify other unusual financially engineered transactions such as this one, which occurred during the time frame in question, particularly among ABC’s direct competitors.

Case Study #5:

For a lawsuit, a client needed an extensive overview of the global pallet industry.

Case Study #6:

For marketing purposes, a financial analyst hired us to identify companies with ESOPs that also had unions.

Case Study #7:

For a market research firm we researched several leading industries that would benefit from state government incentives to install solar products.  From this research we provided hundreds of leads of sales leads.