Jan’s Story

Jan Davis in IrelandSome might think I was born with my nose in a book. From my earliest days, I remember always reading – anything I could get my hands on. I won the bookworm award in first grade, and throughout my childhood I’d sit at the kitchen table reading through the World Book encyclopedia my parent bought me. I loved to watch Jeopardy and play trivia games. Friends tell me they know that I’m the only person they know that must do a crossword puzzle with coffee in the morning to get my brain going before I can do anything else! .

In college I loved to write term papers, relishing the time spent in the library stacks browsing through books and chasing footnotes. So, I guess it wasn’t a surprise that I became a librarian. However, I ran into a little trouble….I was supposed to help students do research, not do the research for them.

While Director of Research at Willamette Management, I got a lot of satisfaction from providing the analysts the data they needed to do the valuations that Willamette was so well known for. When requesting a research project, some analysts would say to me: “I bet you can’t find anything on this industry,” knowing I’d be off and running to prove them wrong. Some habits never die!

I knew I could provide a valuable process that simplified things for others when I saw how complex research seemed to be for other people.

When I started JT Research – Now Blue Sage Research — I knew I wanted to:

  • Do detailed research for other people on a variety of subjects, full-time
  • Be challenged by new projects, and become an expert in the world of information
  • Provide the kind of work our clients need, on-time, and in comprehensive detail.
  • Offer a cost-effective solution to our clients’ complex research needs.

So it seems that I have the gift to do research really well. I’ve found that ideal opportunity that many people never attain – doing what I truly love and extremely good at – all for the benefits of my clients. I was born to do it, and thrive on all the different projects my clients provide.

I love a good challenge and hope that one day I get a chance to work with you.